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Black Dragon Tools has joined forces with Val Stephens for the 2014 Racing Season! Val is theyoungest person to win a stock car championship in New York State, and in 2013 she became the first person to simultaneously win two championships in the same year!! That was particularly challenging since one was on Dirt, and the other on Asphalt. At the tender age of 16, Val has already shattered racing records in New York State, and has also proven her ability as a mechanic! She recently won a prestigious spot in a collegiate high performance automotive school sponsored by industry giant "Edelbrock".

Val comes from a family with racing in their blood! She has been groomed since birth for a career in automotive sports. And now that Val has had the opportunity to work with Black Dragon Tools, it is her choice every time! She uses the Motorscan 5950 from Black Dragon Tools when working on her ATVs and Snowmobiles, and she loves the 96 Piece Test Lead Kit from Black Dragon Tools when working on Electrical Systems - which she is now studying in school!

Black Dragon Tools is proud to support Val Stephens in her quest to shatter even more racing records for 2014! Visit Val's facebook page at You can find Val Stephens and Black Dragon Tools in VICTORY LANE, or online at

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