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Enzo Aquino, President and CEO of Royal Ryder Motorcycles has recently named Black Dragon Tools as the official tool supplier of Royal Ryder Motorcycles. Royal Ryder Motorcycles are custom manufactured in their facility in Rochester, NY and sold around the world. They are known for their "over the top" customs and they take pride in turning each customer's dreams into reality. While Royal Ryder does have a number of "stock" units, they excel in creating one-of-a-kind projects.

Enzo has been in the automotive and motorcycle industries for 30 years, and he knows quality. After working with Black Dragon Tools, he says it is the only product he needs! Enzo personally uses theMotorscan 5950 Diagnostic device from Black Dragon Tools when working on Motorcycles. He states "if you make your living working on motorcycles, you NEED this tool!"

See Enzo's testimonial regarding Black Dragon Tools on YouTube at ....... For more information about Enzo or to purchase a World Class Motorcycle, please visit To buy the new industry standard for motorcycle diagnostics around the globe - visit!

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