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The rebate program we are offering for the MOTO 7000TW is working!  We are receiving a ton of inquiries from customers who have been duped into purchasing the MOTO 7000TW Scan Tool (pictured below) and who now need our help.  Due to the programs popularity, we are going to continuing offering a $500 rebate in order to help customers get the correct product they need, the MS5950 Scanner. 

Since the MOTO 7000TW does not contain the current version 9 software that is needed to diagnose systems, it would cost a holder of this scan tool $300 to attempt to update the software from 8.1 to 9.  Unfortunately, the MOTO 7000TW is an inferior product and can not be updated.  The MS5950 Universal Diagnostic Scanner already comes equipped with version 9 software.  Adding this $300 automatic software upgrade to our $500 rebate, means that Black Dragon Tools is currently offering $800 worth of incentives towards the purchase of the MS5950 Scanner. 

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