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Black Dragon Tools announces the latest version of its OEM-level Battery Configuration Tool.

As anyone, who has tried to change the battery on a BMW, VW, Audi, Volvo, and some other vehicles will know, the new battery needs to be “registered” with the vehicle, using a scan tool with the right software. Not doing so will cause the battery to not charge correctly, resulting in greatly reduced battery life and, in some cases, the vehicle not to start.

Commencing with large numbers of vehicles in 2009, virtually all vehicles from BMW, VW, Audi, Volvo, Skoda, Seat, and Citroen have required some variation of battery registration, configuration, management, coding, or re-set. The term may vary by manufacturer, but the process is similar for all.

Although widely known that the vehicle ECM needs to be informed via a diagnostic device, such as ascan tool, that the battery has been changed, many technicians and vehicle owners simply ignore this important point.  A new battery from a car dealer can cost $500, or more, and a scan tool with the battery registration feature can cost as much as $15,000. The result is that many such vehicles have the battery changed incorrectly. The vehicle will normally start as usual after the battery replacement, so the owner may think that nothing is actually wrong. The problems usually start after months, or maybe a year or so when the battery dies.

Aftermarket workshops, and certainly car owners, don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a tool to correctly install the new battery. We have a solution for that: a stand-alone multi-brand battery configuration tool.  This tool covers virtually all vehicles requiring battery registration. It meets the OEM specifications and is updateable via the Internet.

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