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Top 10 Motorcycle Diagnostic Tools Review 2016

Guest post by Anna

The modern motorcycle uses technology that is very dynamic. This dynamism makes motorcycle diagnostic tools a multifaceted component of the modern motorcycle workshop. The following is a review of 2016s best diagnostic tools recommended for both problems solving and service routine. Also if you are looking to sell your bike make and your bike is not in running condition make sure to get your bike checked from mechanics who are using these tools or even better borrow it for a day for small fee if you are DIY kind of person.


MOTORSCAN 6050 Motorcycle Diagnostic Scan Tool

This tool is specifically used for major manufacturers’ diagnostic functions. A technician can diagnose and make repairs quickly. It is user-friendly since most common procedures are indicated on the tool. The factory service procedures that can be performed with this tool includes encoding keys, configuring alarm or immobilizer, resetting the service light, making injection adjustments, re-setting auto adaptive parameters, adjusting the throttle valve position sensor and making idling adjustments. The tool displays live data as it shows ECU data in addition to displaying the history of stored faults, or live data (battery voltage, RPM, throttle angle). Making software updates on the tool is easy via Internet. 


The tool's functions include viewing ECU data, erasing stored fault codes, reading stored fault codes, running diagnostic tests, displaying live parameters and making specific adjustments. These functions are relative to a specific model, brand and model year.


The tool covers almost 3000 models of 50 major motorcycle, scooter and ATV brands including BMW, Italian, Harley-Davidson, and Japanese and more. A basic kit includes the following tools:

  • Scan tool (MS6050) unit found in a protective case. The tool is preloaded with all the software for the brands covered. Configuration can be done in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Greek, Polish and Russian.
  • Two software options are available. Master software covers all 50 brands. Individual software tokens can be bought for specific manufacturers.
  • Battery cable (SL010051). This is used to connect to the vehicle’s battery.
  • “Universal” cable (SL010422). This is an alligator-style cable. It permits connection to several different brands. The tool is fully utilized if purchased together with the optional OEM-style connectors for the different brands.
  • “Master” cable (SL010474). This is needed for connection to the OEM-style cables that link to the ATVs or motorcycles. It makes the first part of the two-part cable system to link to the ATVs and motorcycles.
  • USB cable. It is used to connect to a PC to perform software updates.

Power Probe III

For the longest time, the Power Probe III has been the most innovatory automotive circuit tester. Though small it’s packed with swift diagnostic power and numerous capabilities. It is a very powerful tool that lets motorcycle technicians to accurately speed through regularly programmed maintenance well as the troubleshooting of hitches on automotive electrical systems, saving both money and time.


Accu-Smart Charger

Can be termed as the world’s best user-friendly charger and maintainer. The charger is automatic most appropriate for Wet, Gel and AGM & MF batteries which is powerful as well as light. It protects against short circuits, polarity inversion, voltage peaks (AC & DC), overheating and Voltage spikes. Sold together with eyelets used for undying battery connection, cigar lighter plus used to recharge through 12v Aux. Socket and crocodile clamp used for battery connection.


As a diagnostic tool, the charger evaluated the battery automatically and validates its voltage. Immediately the battery is completely charged; the charging voltage declines so as to reach maintenance voltage. Thus, the battery is kept at full charge, and all set to use.


When the supply function of the charger is concerned, it allows the connection of an existing consumer throughout the recharge. This role also enables the keeping of memory of the vehicle while substituting the battery.


Compression Tester

Because of inaccessibility, measuring compression on motorcycles is not a very easy task. A flexible delivery tube has to be used. The unit is fitted with a rigid delivery tube for technical work with easy access or engine out applications. Also intact is a 10mm and 14mm screw and a flexible delivery tube in adaptors, that allows easy interchanging.


RS SOS Booster Pack Micro 12V

This has been the most powerful Battery Booster packs this year appropriate for the Motorcycle industry. Comes with AGM batteries, twofold isolated cables and 700 cranking amps and small motorcycle friendly clamps will start any motorcycle which is in recovery or in the workshop or showroom.


Sealed Lead Acid Multi-Charger

This is a revolutionary high-quality product designed to be strong and technically superior. It guarantees excellent performance at the least economic cost possible. Integrating toroidal transformers and linear MOSFET designs, the battery charger is a healthier choice for your batteries since it eliminates existing pulses that can heat up your battery and lead to damage to its cells. Its linear design also warrants less electrical pollution when compared to the end equivalent switch mode or the wave switched designs.


The SLA charger has factory adjustments for four parameters that include current limit, standby charge voltage, bulk charge maximum voltage and low current, change over point, bulk to standby mode.


Auxillary Tank: Part No: 44000135

Holds a maximum of 1 liter of fluid. Included is an on fuel-injected motorcycles a heavy duty valve coupled with two adapters and a fuel line 740mm length of 3/8”. Offers you the capability to work on a running engine whenever the tank has been detached. Correspondingly convenient for refilling transmission oil on various late model bikes.


Vacuum Gauges Part No: 44000250

The recommended gauges for professional use are the ones Manufactured by Davida and hand built in the UK since they are unique. They include a damping system that ensures a fluctuation free of needle movement, stress-free reading, and extensive life.


Multi Meters: Part No: BAMM13

Huge complications can be brought about by electric faults whenever necessary equipment that locates fault lies lacks. Multimeters deals with this problem and saves valuable workshop time. It’s a 13 Function Multimeter with that comes supplied with an easy to read digital display, perfect for general purpose usage and Auto electricians. Measured: DC Amps, A C and D C volts, ohms Resistance, RPM and Diode/Transistor verification mode. Comes fitted with a complete set of leads and probes.


Autodata Information Manuals

In modern days motorcycling crazy, models and specifications change often. Thus getting up-to-date information is vital; an incorrect adjustment can bring about costly results. Autodata resolves the problem and is recurrently updated with info and new models, be a professional outfit and do the job properly.



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