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Easy Manual Tuning (Adjusting) - This method is the low cost tuning represented by EASY MODE in tuning software. EASY MODE provides the ability to adjust Fuel Trim table, Acceleration Enrichment, Spark Advance table manually in a limited range of +/-20%, switch On/Off Lambda Closed Loop and Throttle By Wire speed up. Other functions are restricted.

Advanced Tuning - Map Flashing from Database. By this method of tuning it is possible to use full range of the tuning functions. The method provides ability to use an embedded database of calibrations. These calibrations (maps) are pre-set for several configurations of exhaust and intake components (open exhaust, intake and combinations). Advanced tuning method provides important improvement of engine functions. during a Road Test

Professional Tuning - Engine Fuel Maps Optimization. The key function here is VOLUMETRIC EFFICIENCY MAP MEASUREMENT under load. It means real VE maps measurement of each engine configuration.VE map measurement can be done on an appropriate Roller Station such as the SMART POWER BENCH, or during a Road Test on the street. Professional tuning method provides the best bike tuning for each special engine –maximum efficiency, torque and power.

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